I had the pleasure of touring Eastern Canada last week. Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa decided it was time to punish me for living in Santa Barbara. Oh, it was beautiful and the skies were clear and the sun was bright but it was a bit chilly. The temperature even sounded cold … even in Fahrenheit. Minus six degrees sounds coooold. And in Celsius? -22. I have a screen shot to prove it. That’s when things go from bracing to dangerous.

Therefore, I would like to send out special thanks to Nicholas Bennett, VP, Product Development at Napkyn for finding my (only) winter coat in the back of the back coat closet at the Empire Grill in Ottawa after I had given it up for stolen. Not possible! said my cohort of locals and Nicholas went back to look one more time. Nicholas, many thanks. My Pandora baseball cap in the pocket is a prized possession.

The most fun I had in my whirl-wind #eMetrics tour (next to giving presentations, which I love), was handing out free tickets to the eMetrics Summit in Toronto to three lucky winners. It’s great to see their eyes light up but I wanted to know more about them.

Allow me to introduce Natalia Bogatirev and Michelle Gosselin to the #measure community.

Natalia Bogatirev is an Oracle database developer for Pythian. She is also a 4th year student at the University of Ottawa in the B.Comm program with a Management Information Systems specialization. She had read about the eMetrics Summit and signed up for the event in Ottawa to see if it was interesting enough to make a career as a data analyst.

Now that she has a ticket to the eMetrics Summit, she’s interested in learning about new trends in the field, meet and talk with experts in the field of data analysis and learn from their experience and get a better understanding of the career path of a data analyst.

Natalia told me that she is most interested in seeing sessions on Big Data and learning how behavioral analysis can help create a better customer experience and a better business strategy. If you see Natalia in Toronto,  say hello!

Michelle Gosselin has spent the last year as an independent business intelligence consultant specializing in mobile analytics – and working exclusively for the newspaper La Presse. This is after she spend almost six years at Mediagrif as a Senior Business Analyst and Web Analytics Specialist.

Like most people, Michelle is looking forward to the eMetrics Summit where she can learn, make connections and come back with new ideas she can apply directly to her daily tactics and help her ensure her overall strategy is on the mark.

When I asked Michelle what interested her most on the eMetrics Summit agenda, she said she made note of the Privacy, Cookies and Analytics: A Hot Mess You Can’t Ignore session, especially since privacy is being impacted by (another session that got her attention) Big Data: What It Means for the Future of the Digital Analyst. Since she has a Master’s in Business Intelligence, a certificate in Web Analytics from UBC and has worked in both fields, she is always looking for ideas about how all of the above merge in the world of mobile.

Michelle is also interested in the session called, Analytics in Real Life which is described as, “Successfully bringing analytics programs to life involves much more than just buying and implementing tools.”

If you want to know more about the intricate workings of publishing on mobile, be sure to stop Michelle in the hallway and pepper her with questions.

It is with regret that I have been unable to connect with our third winning. Hank – or Henk – who won at the eMetrics / SIP event in Toronto…  email me (jsterne [at] targeting [dot] com) call me (805-965-3184 x4) or tweet me (@jimsterne) so I can make sure you get yours!!

I was grateful for the warmer weather in San Diego this week made possible by Tealium at their user group meeting and look forward to the not as warm as Southern California but definitely not as cold as Eastern Canada next week when I head out to the Econsultancy JUMP event. Maybe I’ll run into some of you there?

If not, be sure to mark your calendars for the eMetrics Summit in Toronto, and the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco. You never know whom you might meet!

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