Over the years, there have been over 100 free tickets handed out for the eMetrics Summit. Yes, more than 100. Why? And how do you get one?

Why Free Tickets?

There are those who have a massive passion for digital analytics but are not working at the moment. There are those who work at companies that do not allow their employees to go to conferences. There are those who are just starting their business and have zero marketing budget but desperately want to show off their ideas to the eMetrics audience. There are those who want to see if this industry is everything it’s cracked up to be.

I like to give such people a leg up.

How do You Get One?

The easiest way is to volunteer. Think of it like an internship. You put in a day’s work and you are rewarded with a two-day pass.

If you are eloquent, fast on your feet, and like the spot light, I am in need of moderators. Moderators monitor the room, make sure the speaker starts and stops on time and fields questions from the audience.eMetrics

If you are not happy being on stage, we need volunteers to help direct people, count heads and do on-site chores. Fetch coffee? It could happen.

The next easiest way is to win one. If you go to a Digital Analytics Association Symposium, a MeasureCamp, a DA-HUB or some other analytics flavored event, there may be a raffle and you might just win one.

But today, you have an opportunity to earn one in another way:

Tell Me Why You Should Win.

The winner will be hand selected based on merit. Creative writing will play a key role, making the decision very difficult – so much so, that I will take on this task selflessly and fully aware of the potential dangers. The selection will not be influenced by (small) bribes, (empty) threats nor promises of sexual favors.

Just remember that brevity is the soul of wit.

BREAKING NEWS: Second Winner Will Be Selected

Another free ticket is being offered to anybody who has previously been to the eMetrics Summit and writes in to tell me how it has affected their career (I launched my new company!), their life (I met my significant other at eMetrics!) or their self-esteem (These people are no further along than I am!).

Please Note: These free tickets are transferable. That means that even if you have already registered (thank you!) or are already coming as a speaker (another fine way to earn a free ticket) then you can gift your winning ticket to another. Maybe your boss, your colleague, your client, or your mother-in-law… up to you.

So write to me today and tell me why you should come to eMetrics for free.


Get your entry into me by the end of February 22 (Pacific time) to qualify and a winner will be selected on the 23rd.

UPDATE:  Competition

Here’s what you’re up against:

Beat this:

“I love data science and willing to do anything to get a job in the field.” That was what I told my boss during the interview and he gave me a job as a junior digital analyst in a company that did not specialize in analytics. It is now my job to promote data-driven decision making in our company. Also, I’m to build an analytic practice for the company. This is tall order, but I have always loved big challenges.

Since starting my job, I have been teaching myself digital analytics by reading books and blogs, taking online statistics and coding courses, and tinkering with an Google Analytics account that I had set up for my company’s website. From these self-driven efforts, I already made some recommendations based on our Analytics data that were well received.

However, I think I have reached the end of this self-guided journey and I desperately need a digital analytic master to mentor me in the next leg of my journey to becoming a master.

Please help me find a digital analytic master mentor by picking me to attend the eMetrics conference in San Francisco in April.

Many thanks,


Or this:

Analytics is incredibly hectic
But the best get themselves to eMetrics
Learning takes you far
(Especially at the lobby bar)
The experience is simply electric !


Think you can do better?? You have until February 22…..



I am pleased and delighted to announce the winners of the Free Ticket to the eMetrics Summit. Yes, winners – as in plural. Why??

Well, each for different reasons.

And now…

without delay…

The FRIST Free Ticket to the eMetrics Summit goes to Ella Nguyen for Blatant Pleading, following her life story (above):

Please help me find a digital analytic master mentor by picking me to attend the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco in April.

The eMetrics Summit is the place to find a mentor, Ella.
Just be sure to let us know who it is.

The SECOND Free Ticket to the eMetrics Summit goes to Chris Johannessen for his Mad Rhyming Skillz:

Analytics is incredibly hectic
But the best get themselves to eMetrics
Learning takes you far
(Especially at the lobby bar)
The experience is simply electric !

Chris, you know me so well.
That a limerick would ring my bell
That’s why you won it
This ticket to the Summit
Seeing you there will be swell

The THIRD (yes, there’s more) Free Ticket to the eMetrics Summit goes to Shanelle Mullin for her Willingness to Give as Well as Receive (abbreviated):

I eat, sleep and breathe digital analytics. As an optimizer, everything I do is measurable and data-driven.

I write two articles a week on conversion optimization for ConversionXL.

I’d like to attend eMetrics so that I can share what I know with the community. Similarly, I’d like to learn from the community. Any opportunity to learn and discuss my learnings is a great one.

Plus, the speakers at eMetrics will undoubtedly provide dozens and dozens of valuable insights, which I can cite in my upcoming analytics articles. Bonus!

“I need more content!”¬† Honestly put, Shanelle.
Come and get it.

Finally, the FOURTH Free Ticket to the eMetrics Summit goes to Teddy Lee for his sheer desire to expand his capabilities (abbreviated):

I have drowned myself in as much growth hacking, google analytics, survey strategy and market metrics as my brain could take but I am craving to learn about metrics in a more personable setting.

I have used the metrics I gathered from survey monkey, squarespace, mail merge, etc. to make really good informed decisions. Yet, I am telling myself that it is time for me to take action and give myself the opportunity for personal growth.

I hope you’ll be wearing your expandable hat, Teddy, because we’re going to feed your head.

Congrats to all four and I’m only sorry I couldn’t hand out more. Thanks to all you others who sent in your cries for free tickets. Maybe, if you’re in the area, you can pop for a Social Networking Pass that will give you access to the Exhibit Hall and the Keynotes on one day or the other. ($200 or $175 in advance)

Thanks also to those who stepped up to volunteer. That’s how this whole things got started and why the community is so self-supportive. It’s all about us.

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