In anticipation of his presentation at eMetrics Summit in Chicago, June 20-23, 2016, we asked Joe Ebbeler, Manager, Digital Analytics & Insights, at Abbott Nutrition, a few questions about digital marketing analytics. Check out Joe’s Joseph Ebbeler imageinterview in relation to his eMetrics Summit presentation entitled, Analyzing Search for CPG or Indirect Sales Organizations.

Q: Where does digital analytics sit in your organization and how does it interface with your business units?

Joe: Digital analytics is a shared service that is managed by the marketing insights organization, of which I am a member. Our department works with both internal and external agencies and vendors to generate reports and channel/campaign level insights. The market insights team then functions as the “data storytellers” in refining and bringing together the reports, insights and recommended optimizations generated by the entire team.

Q: What’s the most important goal/trend for digital analysts to keep in mind for 2016?

Joe: I would have to say that the customer journey is the most important trend to keep in mind. We know that 2014 was the year of mobile, 2015 was the year of Big Data and so far, 2016 seems to be the year of customer focused analytics. If you think about that, it is a natural progression. For analysts this means focusing on the consumer journey, Voice Of the Customer (VOC), and finding the balance between business goals and the customer’s wants and needs.

Q: What’s the latest analytics method/process/tool set that you have implemented and what advice would you give others?

Joe: The latest process, which we are still working on, is analyzing and optimizing programmatic advertising. On the surface using the power of behavioral and purchase data to better target both consumers and prospects seems like a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you want to eliminate as much spend against ads that are not being served to your target audience as possible? The reality is that there are a lot of variables and in many cases those variables change frequently. This is especially true for my company’s products as their usage is often based on a short-term need. So, understanding your customers and their moments of need is critical to success.

Q: What do you wish you could tell your five-years-ago self about this industry?

Joe: Hang in there! Just like it took a while for people to truly understand the power of the Internet and social media, it won’t be until we reach the tipping point of spend against digital advertising that your knowledge and skills will become as in demand as you would like… but it will happen and you better be ready.

Q: Sneak preview: Please tell us a take-away that you will provide during your talk at the eMetrics Summit.

Joe: I have a great case study to share that anyone who works in a CPG-like environment should be able to use to help define ROI and build a measurement framework around SEM that connects both SEO and PPC by looking at them through the lens of the consumer journey.


Don’t miss Joe’s presentation, Analyzing Search for CPG or Indirect Sales Organizations at eMetrics Summit in Chicago this June 20-23, 2016.  Click here to register for attendance.

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