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Driving Traffic

Boston, September 30-October 4, 2012

Creating a great customer experience is half the battle - but if nobody knows about it, it's simply a waste of time and budget. Driving traffic to your store, your call center and/or website requires brilliant creative, insightful targeting, and a clever landing page persuasion process. Raising awareness has changed from making noise to perfecting the art of conversation in the marketplace. Search savvy, social media savoir-faire and understanding the relationships between a wide variety of channels are today's imperatives. There is no way to guarantee a promotion will go viral, but the right metrics can tell you when things are working or when they need some serious attention.

Moderator: Jodi McDermott, Vice President, Digital Analytix Product Management and North American Consulting Comscore, Inc. and Board Director and Treasurer, Digital Analytics Association

Tuesday, October 2

Inside Agency Analytics: What a Client Needs to Know

Alex Langshur, President, Cardinal Path
Nasser Sahlool, Director of Client Strategy, DAC Group
Elizabeth Brady, Founder & Principal Web Analyst, EWB Analytics
Leon Barsoumian, VP, Director of Analytics & Insights, Media Contacts
It's a partnership with an edge - both sides have their own metrics. How do you balance the desire for award-winning, killer creative and board room winning outcomes? How do you evaluate whether the spend justified the results? How do you work with an outside analytics company? Our panelists discuss their approach to the numbers and their clients. Then they let their hair down and reveal what you need to know about how they work and how they wish they could work with clients.

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The Evolution of an Attribution Resolution

Jim Novo, Owner, The Drilling Down Project
How do you reconcile claimed "success" across different channels and platforms when each is using different metrics? A universal approach is needed to define value creation and sort out the contribution of different marketing channels. Jim describes how to expose the true drivers of success with a meal plan recipe for a digital analytics feast; an appetizer of analytical culture, a main course of data quality, a side dish of standardized measurement, and a dessert of formal testing. Learn how to optimize the entire customer experience as you strive to improve the individual dishes.

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Making Measurement Make Sense: In the Real World

Terry Cohen, SVP - Strategy & Analysis, Digitas
Jodi McDermott, Vice President, Digital Analytix Product Management and North American Consulting Comscore, Inc. and Board Director and Treasurer, Digital Analytics Association
Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes
Grace Liau, VP, Vivaki
The ANA, and the 4As are pressing for 1) a move to a "viewable impressions" standard and count real exposures online; 2) an online advertising a currency based on audience impressions, not gross ad impressions; 3) a transparent ad unit classification system; 4) interactivity "metrics that matter" for brand marketers; and 5) digital media measurement that is increasingly comparable and integrated with other media. Mike outlines the goals of the 3MS Initiative and Bruce, Terry, and Jodi do their best to explain the current state of affairs and how it's going to impact your job.

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