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DAA Base Camp Workshops

Digital Analytics Association Base Camp:
Website measurement from the ground up

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Introduction to Web Analytics 101

Whether you are new to web analytics, new to web management or just need to be sure that you are seeing the forest for the trees, this is the best place to get grounded in the basics. This workshop will give you the high level overview of web analytics needed to make your website more valuable to your company. In this introductory workshop you will learn about:

  • Web metrics terminology and technology
  • The most critical web metrics for your business
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • How to derive business value from web analytics
  • The skills you need (or need to look for in others) to build a web analytics powerhouse
  • A process for creating a web analytics culture and making it stick in your organization
  • How to gain executive buy-in
  • Insight into optimizing your business with web analytics
  • Getting started with visitor data analysis

Applying Web Analytics 102

This workshop picks up where the Introduction left off, by taking attendees deeper into applying web analytics processes and the pitfalls to avoid. You will learn the first steps to using web analytics to improve site design; email marketing/visitor life cycle, social media marketing, conversion/lead optimization, and improving return on ad spend (ROAS), search marketing, visitor satisfaction and goal completion. Other topics covered include:You will learn:

  • How to enthuse others about web intelligence
  • Distributing and communicating web analytics data
  • How to improve your campaign performance & profitability
  • How to incrementally tune your website to ensure peak performance
  • A/B Split & Multivariate Testing

This new one-day program is dedicated to improving results of your search marketing through search analytics. Attendees include those folks who are knee deep in search marketing and would like to expand their knowledge of search analytics processes and tools. Key emphasis will be on paid and organic search analytics including:

  • Search analytics definitions and terminology
  • Key Performance Indicators for paid and organic search
  • Search Analytics when content consumption, sign-ups/subscriptions and/or leads are the goal
  • Search Analytics when a sale is the primary goal
  • Organic Search Visibility and Defining Data Points of Value Beyond Rankings
  • Using baselines and the audit process for optimization – paid and organic
  • Leveraging insights between paid and organic
  • Leveraging insights from internal site search
  • Structuring paid search campaigns with analytics and optimization in mind
  • How to improve your campaign performance & profitability
  • Winding up, winding down – Finding the perfect balance
  • Real-time, performance based budgeting
  • Creating meaningful reports – numbers, ratios and trends that tell a story
  • Search Analytics tool talk
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