Wednesday, June 8
8.30 Registration & Continental Breakfast
9.30  Welcome, Jim Sterne, Target Marketing
9.45  Web Analytics - The Basics

Jim Sterne, Target Marketing

If you're a newcomer to this field, this is the session for you. If you are an oldtimer, this session will remind you of all those other things you could be measuring.

10.45  Break
11.00  Getting Beyond The Basics

Neil Mason, Foviance
You've got your system up and running and generating loads of lovely key metrics. But you’re thinking that that there must be more to it than that. Neil looks at how to get beyond the standard reports and understand what is really happening on your site by looking for and exploiting differences in visitor behaviour.

11.45 Catering to the Masses Online

Colin Elms, ITV
ITV hosts some of the most popular shows on television and the websites to go with them. Colin keeps an eye on the traffic to Coronation Street, Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and others for this site designed to attract viewers and engage advertisers.

12.30  Practical Demonstration

WebTrends, our Premier Sponsor for the day, provides some some tips and techniques for using a web analytics tool.

13.00  Lunch (provided)
14.00  Top Ten Problems Discussion

What's on your list? This is a chance to discuss your specific situation and learn from your peers, face-to-face

14.45 Group Discussion Reports
15.30  Break
15.45 Measuring Your Misery

Mike Grehan, smart interactive
It's been a good week. Plenty of clicks from Google and Yahoo! But wait a minute.. We didn't sell anything. What's the difference between "click fraud" and "impression fraud"? What do you do about it? Mike is a maestro of search engine marketing. He knows click fraud when he sees it.

16.30  Report From the Center of the Universe

Dr. Usama Fayyad, Yahoo!
What if you were the Chief Data Officer for one of the most visited sites on the World Wide Web. What would you measure?

17.30  Welcome Reception

Champagne and hors d'oeuvres aide networking with fellow web analytics specialists. Bring plenty of business cards. 

Thursday, June 9
8.00 Registration & Continental Breakfast
9.00  Getting Buy-In From the Top Down

Shane Atchison and Jason Burby, ZAAZ
Which metrics really matter to top executives? How do you justify your budget? What does a web financial model look like? How do you jump start the use of analytics by the business users? Shane & Jason outline organizational dynamics; individual goals, reviews, and compensation.

9.45  Report from the Front Line: Measuring a Monopoly Web Site

Shaun Byrne & Lynette Brown, Royal Mail
If you collect, process and deliver 82 million items to 27 million addresses each day, your website had better be able to deliver as well. Shaun and Lynette reveal how they measure the success of this £8 billion organisation's site

10.30 Break
10.45 Metrics Meltdown - and Recovery

Andy Harding, CarPhoneWarehouse
Standard web analytics reports only get you so far. Then it's time to really dig in. That's tough enough without having to recover from a metrics crash. Andy tells the story of recovering his systems, data and credibility.

11.30  Mapping your E-commerce strategy

Dr. Dave Chaffey, Marketing Insights
Web analytics often focuses on the micro, but what about the macro? Dave uncovers options for aligning digital marketing metrics to strategic business goals. Then - reporting to the senior management team through high-level performance dashboards and scorecards. How do you make them understand?

12.00 Sponsor Briefings

Each sponsor gets a precious few minutes to distinguish themselves. Sometimes entertaining - always informative.

12.30  Multi-Purpose, Multi-KPI, Multi-Site Metrics

Marc Saarde, Nordea Bank
Which measurements are key performance indicators? What are the right tools to measure them? How do you set up easily understood standard measurements across multiple sites? Marc describes how Nordea is able to optimise their site.

13.15 Lunch (provided)
14.15 Group Discussion

Have a burning issue you want to discuss with your peers? This is the place. Suggest a topic when you register or simply send an email to .

15.00 Group Discussion Reports
15.30 Break
15.45 The Cookie Conundrum

Danny Meadows-Klue, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Europe
Cookie churn, the drivers behind it and some of the impact it's having on website and marketing measurement. The most accountable medium in history is still a moving technical landscape. How do we recognize unique viewers?

16.30 Vendor Variety Hour and Then Some

Our worthy sponsors identify themselves and then the floor is open for Q&A. Last year's session questions included, "Why should I switch to yours?" and "Where do you see this industry in five year's time?"

18.00 Free Time
19.00 Dinner (provided)
Friday, June 10
8.00 Continental Breakfast
9.00 Web Analytics - The Broad View

Bob Chatham, Forrester Research
Bob has kept a close eye on the web analytics industry and shares his perspective on it's breadth, depth and direction.

9.45 Beyond the Traditional Bounds of Web Analytics

Alex McCallum and John Wyllie,
In an ideal world, your web analytics system would do more than analyse traffic. Your web analytics would give you a true measure of customer demand. It would examine the efficacy of the countless ideas from Marketing and Product Management and would monitor website performance from the customer viewpoint. Alex and John will share how is putting all of these in place in record time and suggest where they may be going next.

10.30 Break
10.45 Moving the Needle: From Low Hanging Fruit to Continuous Improvement

Craig Williams, PCWorld Business
Everybody was happy that the PCWorld was making sales and making money - until they started measuring it. The next year was one of quick wins and the creation of a process for continuous improvement at this Dixons website where a 2% improvement translates to £1 million.

11.30 Vendor Stand Visits

Get up close and personal with the leading web analytics tools. Get a demo, compare notes, see how they stack up.

12.45  Lunch (provided)
13.45 Group Discussion
14.15 Group Discussion Reports
14.45 Break
15.00 Web Analytics Meets Behavioural Targeting

Matthew Tod, Logan Tod
The next stage for many web analytics users is using their data in real time to serve up promotions and chat invitations, to trigger email follow ups, call centre actions and direct mail. This brings web analytics to the heart of a companies marketing activity. How do you move from event based analytics to customer centred action?

16.00 You Thought This Was Going to be Easy?

Craig Sullivan, Love Film
6 web analytics problems & what we learned. 5 integration nightmares. 4 taxonomy turmoils, 3 analytics tool troubles and Christmas is nowhere in sight. The dark side of web analytics - why does it all sound so familiar?

16.45 Close
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