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eMetrics Industry Insights Day
Washington D.C., October 20 2008

Anil Batra, ZeroDash1
Joel Book , ExactTarget
Joseph Carrabis
Matt Cutler
Pat LaPointe
Donovan Neale-May, The CMO Council
Bob Page, Yahoo! Analytical Products
Mark Wachen

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Have a look at the detailed schedule of the Industry Insights Day in Washington D.C. here

State of the Industry, State of the Art

View the future of marketing optimization from the driver’s seat.

Help identify the major trends and the critical developments on the horizon for web analytics and marketing optimization.

Review the latest findings and
Brainstorm the future when you
Confer with

  • Industry analysts
  • Internet behavioral specialists
  • Leading analytics authorities
  • Deeply engaged practitioners
  • Journalists and Bloggers
  • Expert consultants

Before the conference gets started, while the WAA is getting first-timers up to speed with the Base Camp workshops, the industry’s leading vendors, consultants and practitioners will spend the day scrutinizing the latest data and insights and methods from the community’s best and brightest. From the state of the marketing mix art to the future of the multivariate testing and video tracking science. From Yahoo!’s internal insights portal to mind-blowing mind-reading technology, you'll be amazed by a morning full of (short) presentations and an afternoon locked in discussion about where we’re headed and what we’ll need to get there.

The eMetrics Industry Insights Day will result in the second eMetrics Industry Insights Report — a summary of the most cutting edge, critical thinking about the status and the future of marketing optimization — and you will help create it.

  • Where do we stand?
  • Where are we headed?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What are the roadblocks?

You and your fellow community leaders will be presented with the most recent research from some of the most respected sources and then confer (this is a conference after all) about the implications.

If you’re interested in a way to fully engage your brain, look no further.

Read the first eMetrics Industry Insights Report

After the intense, expert-rich brainstorming day last May in San Francisco, the most astute revelations from the best and brightest were summarized in an eMetrics Industry Insights Report. This report is available now.

A note from Jim Sterne:

Remember Santa Barbara (2002 - 2006)?

Well, if you weren’t there, it was nothing short of exciting. First, we found out we weren’t alone--adrift in a sea of co-workers who had no idea what we were talking about. Then, we started to try out and agree on basic terms and definitions. We had to in order to communicate.

There were heated arguments between pony-tailed masterminds (Yes, Eric and Rufus, I’m looking at you.) There were very late nights in the lobby bar with the handful of people who had founded the major companies. (Yes, Matt, Josh, Greg and Rand, I’m looking at you.) We marveled at new technologies like page tagging, packet sniffing and client-side tracking.

Later, as the case studies came out, we saw different analytics business processes put forward and the Web Analytics Association was born.

So I’ve created the eMetrics Industry Insights Day to reconvene, reconnect and recreate the community of experts.

I’m inviting you to dive into fresh industry data, get the chance to Think Deep Thoughts and help generate the first eMetrics Insights Report.

Have a look at the detailed schedule of the Industry Insights Day in Washington D.C. here

Early Bird Price (till September 19): $595
Regular price (from September 20): $695

Complimentary for Speakers and Sponsors of a certain level.

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