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Customer Experience Optimization

San Francisco, March 4-9, 2012

Building a customer experience is one thing, having a customer experience is almost the opposite. It's our job to understand what it's like trying to do business with our organizations. How hard is it to find the information that's needed, when it's needed? How difficult is it to communicate with the organization? This is where search results are informative, testing is useful and understanding a customer's multichannel engagement is critical.

Moderator: Michele Hinojosa, Director, Digital Analytics

Tuesday, March 6, 11:10-11:50 am

Search Analytics for Your Site: 8 Things You Can Do

Louis Rosenfeld, Author, Search Analytics for Your Site
Now that Google is locking down so much web search data, it's more important than ever to analyze what users are searching on your own site. You're sitting on hugely valuable and usually under-exploited data: what users are searching for, how often each query was searched and how many results each query retrieved. Lou shows eight concrete ways search analytics helps you understand your customers' needs and improve performance.

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Tuesday, March 6, 3:15-3:55 pm

Top Three Tips for Optimizing Your Site

Jack Canning, Senior Specialist, Web Analytics, Wayfair
Wondering how to get started in optimizing your website? Jack shares his top three tips for site optimization. He presents his experience in how to think about optimization, how to implement a testing strategy, conducting tests, interpreting results and selecting the right solution for your needs. Wherever you are on the optimization spectrum, you'll come away from this session with a deep appreciation of what it takes to succeed.

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Tuesday, March 6, 4:00-4:40 pm

Optimizing Spend Across Online and Offline Channels

Nancy S. Koons, Sr Manager, Web Analytics, Vail Resorts
Sarah Searls, Vice President, Performance Analytics, Choice Hotels International
Nancy and Sarah share their insights about benchmarking and the subtle interplay between display, search, social, print, broadcast and whatever other channels have been invented between the time this was written and the time they appear on stage. Sarah describes her challenge of trying to measure incremental ROI from multiple channels while dealing with limited offline data, too much online data, over and understated click-through, view through and re-targeting data. Nancy describes Vail Resorts' experience with Attribution Modeling and shares highlights and learnings from their first season undertaking this new way of looking at their online data.

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