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Deep Data Diving

San Francisco, March 4-9, 2012

Data mining, data diving and predictive analytics are now part and parcel of a marketer's tool set. Now that statisticians are part of the marketing team, it's your responsibility to understand what they do well enough to manage them. Managing your marketing by the numbers means having a good grasp of the ins and outs of data mining, data modeling, regression trees, and a whole host of statistical methods to make numbers reveal their secrets. But fear not, our team of experts use plain business language to explain how the data you collect from any source can be used to optimize your marketing.

Moderator: Jenn Kunz

Wednesday, March 7, 10:05-10:45 am

One Size Does Not Fit All

Neil Mason, Director of Professional Services, Global Dawn
On average, averages are the bane of an analysts existence. Conversation ratios, customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores gloss over the power of segmentation. Even a routine division of customers into personas can yield significant return on marketing investment, but don't stop there. Neil dives deep into the art and science of segmentation, looking at different approaches across different types of data. Learn about simple ‘deterministic’ models and more advanced data mining techniques such as cluster analysis and neural networks. Become a “segmentation believer.”

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Wednesday, March 7, 11:15-12:00 pm

Data Science in Marketing Analytics

Christopher Berry, Vice President, Research, Syncapse
This is the story about how a developer and two marketing scientists used design thinking, LEAN methods, and marketing science to generate a meaningful data driven experience for marketers. Christopher describes the skirmishes they fought against unstable data sources, changing requirements, fluid markets, the Gartner Hype Cycle, changing definitions, changing terminologies, seemingly constant feature creep, and dissent. Luckily, he also shares the tools they used in those fracases such as continuous feedback, iterating violently, rapid design labs, aggressive inquiry, design thinking, seemingly constant feature combat and beer. Learn how not to replicate the mistakes they made and to determine how you can use the aforementioned solutions.

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Wednesday, March 7, 1:00-1:40 pm

Inside Web BI, Inside Microsoft

Jared Parker, Senior Site Manager, Microsoft
If you said that Google Analytics was the most popular tool for web analytics, you'd slap yourself on the forehead when you heard the answer was Excel. Used by those who do not even know they are doing web analytics, Excel is the QWERTY keyboard of analysis. Jared reveals how Microsoft's internal Windows Online BI Group leverages Excel's PowerPivot to organize and present their data to create a Web BI platform. Learn how organizations ranging from single individuals to larger organizations can deliver informative and actionable metrics for both senior business owners and full-time analysts. The session is very hands on, transforming raw data to interactive tables, charts and graphs. Seriously practical.

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