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Social Media Metrics

San Francisco, March 4-9, 2012

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Foresquare, consumer generated content, - it's enough to make you want to either jump in and play without regard to metrics (experimentation is good!) or simply stick to your knitting and do the best you can with the traditional media you have. Neither of these is an option. With marketing dollars so tight, it is critical to determine the value of all these emerging media. From reach, frequency and awareness to sentiment analysis and influence graphing, this track is guaranteed to be the most tweeted.

Moderator: Brooks Bell, CEO, Brooks Bell

Tuesday, March 6, 11:10-11:50 pm

Social Media Metrics Secrets

John Lovett, Senior Partner, Web Analytics Demystified
John is a renowned analytics expert who has just finished his first book on social media metrics. He shares his best insights on how to analyze and measure the effects of social media and gauge the success of your initiatives. Through case studies and a massive amount of common sense, John demonstrates how to manage social operations with process and technology by applying key performance indicators, and assessing the business value of social media. He also details his techniques for adopting a Social Analytics Framework for understanding evolving consumer behavior necessary to compete in a socially networked future.

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Tuesday, March 6, 3:15-3:55 pm

Measuring and Monitoring Twitter and Facebook Analytics

Manny Rivas,Online Marketing Account Manager, aimClear®
Tim Wilson, Director, Measurement & Analytics, Resource Interactive
Facebook: What are you doing? Twitter: What are you thinking? If social media seems more like your mother and less like a marketing medium, it's time to sync up your business goals with online social life. Once goals are in place, it's time to get tactical measuring your success. Tim takes a hard look at what you can really get out of Twitter by the numbers and Marty does the same with Facebook. Tweeters, re-tweeters, fans, friends and followers are all under the microscope as our dynamic duo look at social KPIs to systematically leverage data to make friends and influence people. How to map search keywords to conversational velocity, how to identify authority users and get them to friend YOU and vanity baiting (“Now you’ve got me right where I want you.”) are on the examination table. You'll need a keyboard to keep up.

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Tuesday, March 6, 4:00-4:40 pm

It's a Sales Channel And a Market Research Tool

Gary Angel, Semphonic
Andrew Bakonyi, Hewlett Packard
Everyone loves a David and Goliath story, especially when social media is David's weapon. Learn about the metrics and measurement processes used to track and optimize performance outcomes and the business value of social media. But what about when things go wrong? Few businesses have experienced such tumultuous shifts in strategy and direction as HP in 2011. Hear how the HP Store has navigated their complex landscape using social media research and online customer research to help understand how to respond and steer their business.

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