eMetrics Sponsor Presentations San Francisco

Monday, April 15, 8:50am–9:15am • Room: Golden Gate B

Diamond Sponsor Presentation:
Measure Right, Manage Forward, Make a Difference

Larry Freed, President and CEO, ForeSee
Modern consumers are everywhere, all of the time. As this new generation of customer continues to evolve, so must the analytics used to measure the experiences they have with companies and organizations. ForeSee president and CEO, Larry Freed, will discuss Next Generation Customer Experience Analytics as a system of metrics that goes beyond single-number measurements and eliminates outdated metric silos to better support today’s multi-channel, multi-device world we live in. He will explain what this new generation of predictive analytics needs to be and how it can help you create an analytics platform that allows you to measure right, manage forward, and make a difference in your business.

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Monday, April 15, 10:20am–10:30am • Room: Salon 1 & 2

Gold Sponsor Presentation:
Influencing Social “Awesomizers” with Personalized Content

Jon Morris, Founder and CEO, Rise Interactive
Since the birth of social media, brands have been searching for an effective way to leverage the power of influencers – those social “Awesomizers” who have a significant following and a powerful voice in their respective industries. Obtaining a mere mention by the right “Awesomizer” could boost even the most niche business to the forefront of social buzz.

But how do you determine who to target? How do you enchant them and convert them into a brand advocate?

Jon Morris, founder and CEO of Rise Interactive, will share his success story in developing and integrating personalized content into a social media campaign strategy and the significant impact it’s had for Rise Interactive.

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Tuesday, April 16, 8:50 am–9:10am • Room: Golden Gate B

Diamond Sponsor Presentation:
Enable and empower your organization to act on the voice of your customer

James Niehaus, Director of Optimization & Web Analytics, Symantec
In analytics, the most relevant and actionable insights often come directly from the feedback of your digital visitors. You can save significant time, resources, and profits by quickly acting on the valuable insights captured within your visitor’s own words. The common challenge in our industry is getting your company to take meaningful action with the customer feedback you collect. From analytics to marketing, site optimization to support, operations to user experience, to internal leadership…Symantec has integrated their voice of customer program across teams, sites, and continents. Hear how Symantec built out and scaled their global program and some of the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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Tuesday, April 16, 11:15am–11:25am • Room: Salon 3 & 4

Gold Sponsor Presentation:
Reduce Pain Points, Increase Profits in PPC

Jon Morris, Founder and CEO, Rise Interactive
To build the best search marketing campaign, you need the right tools. And if the tools don’t exist, create them. Rise Interactive took this approach and created FeedPro, an inventory management tool with automation features, for its client Abt Electronics.

Abt Electronics needed to remedy several issues within its paid search campaigns: the ineffectiveness of bidding on thousands of product keywords manually, updating inventory levels on its website, and monitoring its pricing on branded products versus its competition. By using FeedPro, Abt Electronics saw a significant jump in its conversion rate and increased its productivity.

Jon Morris, founder and CEO of Rise Interactive, will share best practices and strategies from this case study. In addition, he will teach attendees how to identify the pain points in their online marketing efforts.

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