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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

Stockholm 2009 - Sponsor

Webtrekk -

Webtrekk Webtrekk is a leading premium Web Analytics solutions provider out of Germany. Our newest Web Analytics solution, Webtrekk Q3, offers the fastest Real Time Segmentation available with top performance and a flexible variety of analysis possibilities.

With Webtrekk Q3 discover a new dimension of Web Analytics:

  • Optimised for large Websites > 1 billion Page Impressions
  • All data in Real Time
  • Apply any Segment and Metric retroactively to all historical data
  • Filters and Drilldowns available from each Analysis
  • Advanced User Management Capabilities
  • Overlay and Heatmap with Segmentation
  • Creating customized Metrics, Formulas, Parameters, Categories and more

Web Analytics from the basis of Raw Data

Some systems work off of aggregated data and do not present their clients with the analytical flexibility presented by working with the raw data. By working exclusively off of the raw data, Q3 offers an unprecedented number of analyses and flexibility to the user.

Particularly, in these times of recession, the efficiency of Websites and Online Shops is essential to businesses. Q3 is optimized for a flexible and complete analysis of your visitor traffic.


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