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eMetrics Summit

"Wandering" Dave Rhee

You may know him as Wandering Dave. David Rhee showed up at an eMetrics Summit in Santa Barbara, back when he worked for Gateway. He has been a repeat attendee in several countries. When he posted this to the Yahoo Discussion Group, I had to reply that I had not paid him to do so!

From: "Wandering" Dave Rhee <wdaveonline@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hi, All,

Just a reminder that I'm hoping to meet as many of you as possible at
the upcoming eMetrics SF conference (http://www.emetrics.org), May
4-7, and that it's not too late to register! Please post a reply if
you'll be there, so we can all watch out for each other.

Whether you think web analytics is Easy, or Hard, or a Culture, either
way, it's something you have to do with other people. And the one
thing that will clearly make you more effective in all aspects of your
work, and thus tremendously more valuable to your organization, is to
develop good working relationships with your colleagues in the industry.

We're very lucky -- privileged, I daresay -- to be working in an
industry that is just beginning to get past the awkward stage and
really start growing by leaps and bounds. And it's not just because
it's a fascinating subject, with a great mix of technical skills and
business insights to revel in, but that it's so powerful for helping
organizations really improve their overall business.

For example, one of the topics we'll talk about in SF at the Industry
Insights Day (happening concurrently on Sunday with the WA Base Camp
-- read the agenda here at http://emetrics.org/2008/sanfrancisco/) is
where the industry is headed, and what will happen when the boundaries
between web analytics, marketing analytics, business intelligence,
data warehousing, and other organizational analytics begin to blur.

My take on this is a little different than what I've seen others blog
about (most of whom have much more experience than I do -- and they'll
all be in SF!). I think it's not so much that WA is going to expand
to "take over" these other disciplines, but rather that the leaders in
our industry -- and if you're reading this post, I'm talking about you
-- have a spirit of innovation and creativity, backed by discipline
and analytic rigor, that we bring to our work.

Most of us entered the field by accident, because it presented the most
interesting, challenging problems, and we each had our own strengths and
insights from our previous, seemingly-unrelated experiences that we could
contribute to the discussion. I think that the people you'll meet in
SF will soon be in positions of increasing responsibility and
influence in major global organizations (in fact, many already are),
not because web analytics is necessarily superior to other analytic
disciplines, but because our mutually-supportive community of
colleagues is composed of smart, genuinely friendly, and altogether
amazing people like you.

And that's why I'm eager to meet you, and have you share with me your
ideas on how we can make this forum even more valuable to everyone who
participates (WAA members or not, though of course, you all should
join!). That's not just a "customer service" statement I'm making as
primary moderator of the forum, either, but I take quite seriously the
privilege of being able to help foster productive discussions about
everything relevant to our industry.

Just as others have put together amazing conferences, great volunteer
committees which actually accomplish things, blogs covering every aspect
of our profession and practice, and various knowledge bases open to all, I want to make sure that our community of practitioners, agencies, consultants,
vendors, and recruiters is unsurpassed in our level of integrity, cooperation,
and the free exchange of best practices. After all, that's what makes
it so much fun, and empowers us all to be more effective, no?

Come to eMetrics and enter the conversation, continue it here in the
Forum, and exchange support and resources with your colleagues by
joining the WAA. I promise you'll be glad you did.

WDave Rhee, Discussion Group Moderator, WAA Member
Analytics Country Manager, OX2 / LBi Group

P.S. I'm on record as having said that even if you have to take
vacation time and pay for your own travel, this is the one industry
event you can't afford to miss. It's nice to see that others agree!

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