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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Advisory Board

Toronto Ontario, March 31 - April 2, 2008

Joseph Carrabis, Chief Research Officer, NextStage Evolution

Joseph CarrabisJoseph Carrabis has authored 23 books and over 300 articles in five areas of expertise. His books have covered cultural anthropology, database technology and methods, information mechanics, language acquisition, learning and education theory, mathematics, network topologies, and psycholinguistic modeling. His articles have covered computer technology, cultural-knowledge modeling, equine management, knowledge studies and applications, library science, martial arts, myth and folklore, neurolinguistic, psychodynamic and psychosocial modeling, group and tribal behavior, and social interactions in NYC and more. He’s currently a columnist for iMediaConnections, blogs at Biz Media Science and All Business, is a Senior Research Fellow and Advisory Board Member for the Society for New Communications Research and Founding Member of the Center for Semantic Excellence. When he’s not giving businesses a piece of his mind he’s using what’s left to fly kites in Nova Scotia.

Download excerpts of Joseph's next book, Reading Virtual Minds, and let him know what you think.

Stephane Hamel, Consultant and Blogger,

Stephane HamelStephane is a leading Canadian voice for web analytics, helping businesses understand the value of online marketing optimization. Stephane has been on both sides of the fence, client and agency, from small projects to complete ecosystem overhauls; he has worked with several Canadian flagship companies such as Softimage/Microsoft, Bombardier, the Royal Canadian Mint and Desjardins. He's a well known speaker, educator and blogger having presented at eMetrics Summit, as a tutor for the award-winning UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics and a blogger at Stephane is an active member and volunteer of the Web Analytics Association coordinating regular web analytics networking and educational events in Montréal, Québec.

Alex Langshur, President and Cofounder, PublicInsite

Alex LangshurAt PublicInsite, a web analytics / site optimization consulting firm, Alex helps organizations with non-commerce and content-rich sites analyze user’s behaviour to get at the truth of the effectiveness and impact of their web sites.  He has led multiple web analytics initiatives for public sector organizations at the international, transnational, national, provincial and municipal levels, as well as major non-profit, private sector and education organizations. Alex is also the Co-Chair of the Web Analytics Association Public Sector Committee and past instructor for the WAA Base Camp (formerly Training Days).

June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight

June LiJune helps organizations overcome barriers to effective deployment and use of web analytics to optimize marketing. She is a contributing writer to and the AIMS blog, an associate instructor for the award-winning web analytics program at the University of British Columbia, as well as an instructor for a web analytics course at the University of Toronto. June is a very active member of the Web Analytics Association.

Source: eMetrics Canada Advisory Board


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