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Agenda: eMetrics Summit Sessions, Meetings and Workshops

Toronto Ontario, March 29 - April 1, 2009

Agenda | Tracks | Agenda at a Glance | Speakers | Pricing & Registration eMetrics Summit Sessions | Pre & Post Conference Workshops

A packed agenda with multiple tracks, workshops, training and social events. Detailed workshop and session descriptions:


Jim Sterne, Founder and Chair of Toronto eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Eric Pierni, Senior Marketing Manager, Kijiji Alain Tremblay, Associate Director eCommerce Platform, Bell Canada Shankar Mishra, Director Business Intelligence & Analytics, Travelocity Global Simon Rodrigue, AVP eCommerce, Sears Canada

Industry experts from Major Brands, Non Profits, Public Service, Agencies and Online Publishers:

eMetrics Summit Opening & Web Analytics Association Meeting & Reception

Monday, 30 March

4:30 - 5:00 pm REGISTRATION

5:00 - 5:15 pm eMetrics Welcome and Overview - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Andrea Hadley, Summit Director
Jim Sterne, Summit co-Chair and Founder
Alex Langshur, Summit co-Chair

5:15 - 5:45 pm Presentation

Digital Audience Measurement: Results of New Methodology Revealed

Dr. Pat Pellegrini, Vice President Research for International Operations, comScore Media Metrix

Marketers, media buyers, advertisers and publishers are invited to gain early insight into the results of comScore’s new methodology behind online audience measurement – an enhanced panel-centric hybrid launched as a beta test in Canada in the third quarter of 2008.

5:45 - 6:30 pm - Panel Discussion

Online Audience Measurement: Painting a Complete Picture

Moderated by Jim Sterne:
Dr Pat Pellegrini, comScore
Paula Gignac, IAB Canada
Maura Hanley, Mediacom Canada
Vivian Ip,
Claude Galipeau, Rogers

Advertising metrics, website activity data and competitive surfing intelligence provide insight into ratings, rankings and trends. Consequently, marketers have become increasingly aware that empanelling and tracking a multitude of web surfers is a challenged methodology. In this session, learn how comScore is addressing this new age of audience measurement, followed by a panel of industry experts representing publishers, media buyers, researchers and analysts and advertisers who will discuss and debate the issues.

6:30 – 7:30 PM RECEPTION

comscoreWeb Analytics Association Reception
Sponsored by comScore

Don’t forget your business cards! Meet up with WAA members, the local web marketing community and registrants of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit at the WAA Reception in the Trinity Ballroom Exhibit Hall.

Tuesday, 31 March


8:30 - 9:15 am Keynote - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Cross Channel Measurement & Attribution - Email, for Example

Jim Sterne, Summit co-Chair and Founder

Marketing is about communication. Measurement is about breaking goals into quantifiable actions. Determining the value of all communication investments across all touch points is the challenge in trying to map out a marketing budget. Jim takes a look at the Big Picture and then offers examples of how some are tackling this ticklish issue.

9:15 - 9:50 ForeSee Results Sponsor Presentation: Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

ForeSee ResultsAccelerated Darwinism Online and the Evolution of Web Metrics

Larry Freed, ForeSee Results

Have your metrics kept up with the lightning-quick pace of online evolution during a recession? The web is no longer a place where success comes easily; it’s an ultra-competitive environment where only the strong survive. The good news is that the right complement of online metrics can help you make decisions that will keep your business healthy and able to keep pace, IF you know what they are and how to use them. Join Larry Freed to learn more.

9:50 - 10:40 am Keynote - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Listening to the Customer in Chief

Eric Pierni, Kijiji, an eBay Company

eBay Inc. was one of the early pioneers of the "bottom up economy", the theory that major business decisions come not from the CEO but rather from the CIC or Customer in Chief. The result was a culture where employees considered themselves stewards of the business and responsible to their main employer: the customer. Eric reviews how Kijiji (Canada's largest and most visited free classifieds site) leveraged the bottom up economy to build one of the fastest growing online brands in Canada. He examines the challenges of placing the customer first in a short-term profits driven business environment and how the value of that approach was measured.

10:40 - 11:05 am BREAK - EXHIBITS OPEN - Trinity Ballroom

11:05 - 11:55 am Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Content Rich: Where Publishers, Advertisers & Marketers Meet on Measures - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[CR-1] (Panel) What Marketers Measure vs What Publishers Report: Value Perspectives on Page Views, Engagement & Conversion

Moderated by Mike Sukmanowsky, Rogers Digital Media
Mike O’Sullivan, Microsoft Canada
Mark Dykeman, CBC
Chris Williams, Media Contacts Canada

The numbers from media websites, advertising networks and advertiser landing pages never match. Advertisers, Networks and Publishers have different objectives and when coupled with different measurement technologies and there is sure to be conflict. This distinguished panel of industry authorities confronts the trials and tribulations of trust, validation and utilization of the data from this uneasy affiliation of collaborators.

Communications, Public Service and Mission Driven Metrics - York A/B
[CPMD-1] Jump Starting your Online Analytics Implementation: A Four Part Series

Part 1: Defining Success Measures and KPI

Alex Langshur, PublicInsite

Foundations, non-profits, the public sector and academic institutions have all made significant investments in their online communications. But what constitutes success and how do you measure the impact of your website when sales aren't the goal? Alex looks at some of the leading innovations for defining and measuring success of non-commerce sites.

Part 2: Action is where the Action is: Optimizing your Optimization Culture

David Darmanin, Uniblue

What does it take to make your organization more optimization oriented? David presents the basic resources and tools you will need to kick off an optimization culture. Learn how a small organization can create an optimization culture and how to get the management buy-in to do it. David's case studies provide an example of where to start and which first steps to take.

11:55 am - 12:45 pm Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Content Rich: Where Publishers, Advertisers & Marketers Meet on Measures - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[CR-2] Using Web Analytics to Drive Better Organizational Performance

Tom Smith, TechWeb

B2B tech publisher TechWeb and its lead brand InformationWeek have used web analytics to reinvent the way the editorial organization works. Editors exploit analytics and performance data from internal and external sources to enhance their ability to deliver results. They use web data to expand their functions and focus into new areas such as engagement and opt-in strategies. At the same time, analytics data helps the organization better understand customer needs, resulting in a deeper relationship between analytics, IT and customer-facing systems. TechWeb's readers benefit and the organization becomes more efficient and effective.

Communications, Public Service and Mission Driven Metrics - York A/B
[CPMD-2] Jump Starting your Online Analytics Implementation: A Four Part Series

Part 3: Establishing your Online Analytics Maturity

Stephane Hamel,

Web Analytics can succeed if you strike a balance between management, resources, objectives, scope, tools and process. Participants in this interactive session will get to know where they stand in their efforts to take advantage of web analytics data and how to get to the next level of marketing optimization.

Part 4: USHMM Answers the How, What, and Why of Analytics

Christine Sonnabend, Project Manager IT, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is getting serious about web analytics. No longer taking the approach of getting tons of data, but not much insight, the Museum is refocusing on improved web analytics. How? The Museum is in the process of deploying an updated web analytics tool implementation, switching to page tagging, and implementing a new customer satisfaction survey. The synergistic effect is giving us the much needed insight about “what” is happening on our site and “why”. This case study will describe the process we have gone through to make this happen and the goals we are working towards.

12:45 - 1:55 pm - NETWORKING LUNCH / EXHIBIT HALL - Trinity Ballroom

1:55 - 2:45 - Keynote - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Integrating Voice of the Customer and Web Analytics to increase ROI

Alain Tremblay, Bell Canada

How does Bell Canada maximize online conversion using online instant surveys and web analytics? Alain discusses the fine art of testing and measuring email marketing campaigns.

2:45 - 2:55 pm 3X3 Sponsor presentation - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

3 sponsors, 3 minutes each to inform, influence and engage!

AT Internet

2:55 - 3:45 pm Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Content Rich: Where Publishers, Advertisers & Marketers Meet on Measures - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[CR-3] Effective Dashboards: Sticky Numbers that Speak

Simon Rivard, Quebecor/

Working hard to get accurate numbers is useless if you can't influence key decisions in your company. Building an efficient dashboard is certainly among the toughest challenges that web analytics professionals are facing:

  • What numbers and ratios should be included?
  • How do we mix internal and external data?
  • How much info should we communicate?
  • How to please all audiences?

Simon will share how to build effective dashboards and how to avoid common pitfalls; after all, who better to talk about best practices than someone who made all possible mistakes!

Communications, Public Service and Mission Driven Metrics - York A/B
[CPMD-3] Immunize Me: Incorporating Social Media into a Public Health Campaign

Ian Roe, BC Centre for Disease Control

How do you measure your success when your goal is to promote the need for immunization? Ian shows how the BC Centre for Disease Control is incorporating and measuring social networking and Internet marketing techniques such as Google ads and Facebook into its overall marketing initiatives. While encouraging immunization among the citizenry, these techniques have also provided useful intelligence that helps inform and shape policy in the areas of public health and immunization in British Columbia

3:45 - 4:15 pm BREAK / EXHIBIT HALL - Trinity Ballroom

4:15 - 5:05 pm Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Content Rich: Where Publishers, Advertisers & Marketers Meet on Measures - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[CR-4] (Panel) Dressing the Social Media Octopus: Measuring Awareness to Action

Douglas Walker, Social Media Group
David Jones, Hill & Knowlton
Dré Labre, Tribal DDB Toronto
Dave Alston, Radian6

Social Media tools like blogs, podcasts and social networks in the marketing space continue to be a hot topic, but standardization on metrics and defining ROI is still unexplored territory for most. Join Douglas Walker (Social Media Group), David Jones (Hill & Knowlton) and Dré Labre (Tribal DDB) as they discuss their experiences in measuring Social Media to the benefit of their organizations and their clients.

Communications, Public Service and Mission Driven Metrics - York A/B
[CPMD-4] Understanding Visitor Behaviour when your Visitors are not Shoppers

Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research and WAA Director

Back by popular demand, Vicky addresses your two dilemmas when you don't sell online; Trying to understand why visitors come to your site and how well you're meeting their needs. This case study-based session looks at how education and public sector sites can integrate user testing and survey data with web analytics - to really understand the who, how, what and why of visitor behaviour.

5:05 - 5:55 pm Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Content Rich: Where Publishers, Advertisers & Marketers Meet on Measures - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[CR-5] Ad Operations and Analytics: Best Practices for Publishers

Rob Beeler,

Many publishers use web analytics within their ad operations teams to increase revenue. Rob will use actual implementations across multiple publishers to demonstrate how it web analytics can also be used to improve efficiency. Best practices, key take aways and lessons learned are on offer for those who publish and those who buy advertising from them.

Communications, Public Service and Mission Driven Metrics - Grand Salon A
eMetrics Round Table Discussion Groups - Breakouts

High-end, deep discussion networking is the heart and soul of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. The presentations get rave reviews, but the one-to-one learning is beyond compare. Moderated by industry leaders. Limited to 10 attendees per group. Sorry, no vendors allowed. 10 topics to choose from:

  1. Getting Buy-in and creating an Online Analytics Culture
    Moderated by Jim Novo
  2. Candid Talk on Selecting your Web Intelligence Tools
    Moderated by June Li
  3. Campaign Analytics: Real Talk on Campaign Tracking and bringing it all together
    Moderated by Marco Bailetti
  4. Data Integration - What's really going on?
    Moderated by Hosam Elkhodary
  5. What about Multivariate Testing? Getting the Porsche out of the Garage
    Moderated by Patrick Glinski
  6. Web Analytics: Real Costs, Time and Resource Requirements
    Moderated by Mike Sukmanowsky
  7. What is Visitor Engagement Measurement?
    Moderated by Jacques Warren
  8. Education and Career Advancement in Online Marketing Analytics
    Moderated by Raquel Collins, Co-Chair Education WAA and Program Director UBC Continuing Studies
  9. Measuring Success without Sales
    Moderated by Alex Langshur
  10. How Trustworthy is your Data or Data Quality from Web Analytics Tools
    Moderated by Stephane Hamel

You will not want to miss out when nine of your colleagues are there to discuss common problems and unique solutions. Registration is limited to non vendor practitioners only. Don’t forget your business cards — see table top signs for the discussion of your choice. .

6:00 - 7:30 pm Web Analytics Wednesday on Tuesday Reception - Trinity Ballroom

Wednesday, 1 April


8:30 - 9:20 am Keynote - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Beyond Metrics & Dashboards: Developing an Enterprise Web Analytics Strategy

Shankar Mishra, Travelocity Global

The first step when introducing web analytics to the organization is typically the development of an initial set of metrics and a related dashboard. From there, companies measure current projects, test current and explore new opportunities. While each of these choices may be promising x% revenue improvement, overall revenue impact on the organization is not cumulative of these projects. So how do we leverage the practice of web analytics to grow overall revenue in a cost-efficient manner? Shankar walks thru an example of enterprise-wide analytics strategy, what role web analytics plays and how the metrics can set the proper level of expectation for overall revenue growth.

Omniture9:20 - 9:50 am Omniture Sponsor Presentation - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Optimizing Social Media, Mobile, Video and Multi-channel Data to Engage Customers

Aseem Chandra, SVP of Product Marketing, Omniture

As emerging customer interaction channels - such as mobile, video and social media - continue to proliferate, the marketer's view of the customer continues to fragment. Customers expect to be able to interact with your business via the channel that is most convenient to them. At the same time, marketers are being held accountable for not just the initial touch, but for the end-to-end customer experience. This session highlights the challenges marketers face in engaging customers across multiple interaction channels, and discusses several case studies of customers that have successfully overcome these challenges.

9:50 - 10:40 am Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Online Marketing Analytics: Advanced Series - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[OMA-ADV1] Capturing Customer Loyalty - Aeroplan: An Advanced Email Metrics Case Study

David Klein, Relationship Manager, Aeroplan

This compelling case study outlines the details of a landmark loyalty program and how advanced email metrics are used to sustain and enhance its success. This session will help senior marketers from across all industries use email and email metrics in sophisticated ways to ensure campaigns attract and engage customers. This lively and interactive session provides attendees with valuable and practical lessons whether they are marketing B2B or B2C. Presenters will share key performance indicators, best practices and critical success factors.

Online Marketing Analytics: Campaigns, Promos & Ecommerce - Grand Ballroom Salon A
[OMA-CPE1] Optimizing the Purchase Process: Online Purchasing Systems, Booking Engines and Shopping Carts

John Quarto-vonTivadar, FutureNow Inc.

Many companies begin optimization fairly deep in the selling process: the shopping cart, the booking engine, or other purchasing system. There’s no doubt these areas are rich veins for improvement, and we’ll examine key ways for retailers to optimize conversion in this area. But more importantly, we’ll examine a far more interesting and deeper question: is the optimization challenge born much earlier in the buying process, through ineffective persuasion, but only manifesting itself late in the purchase process when it’s too late to fix? Is it solely the last straw or is it the cumulative effect of all previous straws that finally breaks your conversion camel’s back?

Online Marketing Analytics: Analytics on the Edge - York A/B
[OMA-AE1] Analytics in the Physical World

Ross McKegney, CTO, Fadow

We have reached a state of maturity with web analytics, able to monitor and react to complex behaviours and scenarios by our customers. Increasingly, we are able to apply the same technologies in the physical world, enabled by advanced digital signage and other in-store technologies. This talk will review the state of practice of in-store devices that are aware of their surroundings, and discuss why these technologies should be leveraged as part of an effective cross-channel analytics program.

10:40 - 11:05 am BREAK / EXHIBITS - Trinity Ballroom

11:05 - 11:55 am Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Online Marketing Analytics: Advanced Series - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[OMA-ADV2] Leading Example of A/B and Multivariate Testing (MVT): Overstock Case Study

Seth Moore, Overstock

In an uncertain economy, online marketers are doing everything they can to optimize their websites. Join to learn the top 5 things you can do now to better prepare your website for testing, run successful tests, and apply the results for maximum impact. Learn the tips and traps of a/b and multivariate testing as you glean key insights from one of the world's leading online retailers.

Online Marketing Analytics: Campaigns, Promos & eCommerce - Grand Ballroom Salon A
[OMA-CPE2] eMetrics Marketing Lab: Personalized Content Targeting in Email and Beyond

Angel Morales, Vice President,

The eMetrics Marketing Lab Challenge: You want to personalize on-line content…actually, your customers want you to personalize your on-line content. They will thank you with more orders, increased customer satisfaction and increased word of mouth advertising. Since you are not made of money, how do you accomplish all this with the data technology you already have?

The answer? The Search box. That’s right, that little box sitting in the top corner of your website. Most web managers fail to realize the potential of their internal site search to shine a light on customer intent. Yes, it has great value as a standalone function, but with a little creativity and effort it becomes a powerful tool. That Search box is the driver for preference, transactional and behavioral content/product targeting on your website, landing pages, and in email.

In this lab, a Angel Morales takes you inside his award winning design to show you how specialty retailer Footwear Etc leverage internal site search to power 1-to-1 product targeting in email. Like a recipe card, you will see how the technology blends together to identify preferred brands to populate site search results and serve those target products into email. They will share real success metrics from their extensive testing and show how you can accomplish this with most enterprise search/retail search tools.

Online Marketing Analytics: Analytics on the Edge - York A/B
[OMA-AE2] Twitter, Micro Conversations and their Macro Impact

Mitch Joel, Twist Image

Companies are finding branding value in Twitter, conversion value in Twitter and customer retention value in Twitter. Mitch Joel explains what Twitter is, why people are using it, what they're talking about (hint: it's you). He also showcases tools that help monitor these micro-conversations and help engage your target audience. Who knew that 140 characters could do so much damage and/or add so much value to your business? Then, Mitch discusses how to measure success and what analytics means in this new conversational channel.

11:55 am - 12:45 pm Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Online Marketing Analytics: Advanced Series - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D<
[OMA-ADV3] Society for New Communications Research - Early Insights 2009

Katie Paine, CEO, KDPaine & Partners

Join Katie Paine as she explores some of the early insights and developments in new media and communications and their effect on traditional media, business models, communications and the broader effects on culture and society. The Society for New Communications Research works to bring theory to practice for new media communications, tools and methodologies.

Online Marketing Analytics: Campaigns, Promos & Ecommerce - Grand Ballroom Salon A
[OMA-CPE3] Panel Presentations
Using Video for Lead Generation, Influence and Conversion

Part 1: Measuring the Effect of Video Advertising

Barbara Coll,

We all know people on the Web like to watch - 12.9B videos consumed in September in the US alone. Barbara will explore the methods of measuring the effect of video advertising, posting videos on sites like YouTube and your videos being found in search results.

Part 2: Connecting With Engaged Video Viewers:
Invisible Children Case Study

Warren Raisch, Chief Customer Officer, Digitaria

According to Forrester research, online video consumption is becoming ubiquitous as the average online video viewer in the US watches 56 minutes a week, more than 100 million hours of viewing each week. Warren Raisch, Chief Customer Officer at Digitaria, will showcase how video, social media and mobile are being used to tell the story and make a difference to the Invisible Children of Uganda, raising millions of dollars and inspiring thousands get involved and affect change. The Invisible Children’s case study provides insight into the engagement metrics and conversion results that ultimately chart the success of the organization’s mission.

12:45 - 1:45 pm NETWORKING LUNCH / EXHIBIT HALL - Trinity Ballroom

1:45 - 2:35 pm Keynote - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Analytics in the Retail World:
It is more than just numbers and reports

Simon Rodrigue, Sears Canada

The Sears Canada catalogue, issued to more than 3.9 million households, is Canada's largest general merchandise catalogue. 24-hour, bilingual service is offered from three call centers and is supported by over 1,800 merchandise pick-up locations. The online shopping at coexists with 121 department stores across the country to offer a broad range of merchandise from apparel and home fashions to appliances. How does this quintessential direct marketing firm, started as Simpsons-Sears in 1953 grapple with and optimize their merchandising in an ecommerce world? Simon will provide an inside look at this Canadian firm that is "committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships."

2:35 - 2:45 pm 3X3 Sponsor Presentation - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

3 sponsors, 3 minutes each to inform, influence and engage!

Web Analytics Association

2:45 - 3:35 pm Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time

Online Marketing Analytics: Advanced Series - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
[OMA-ADV4] Case study: The ROI of Customer Satisfaction – Royal Canadian Mint

Robb Collins, Manager eCommerce, Marketing & Communications, Royal Canadian Mint

In 2007 the Royal Canadian Mint saw a drop in its key performance indicators for the first time since it began online retailing in 2001. In response, during 2008, the Mint’s e-commerce team began an in depth analysis of the site’s operations. Customer satisfaction data and the predictive methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) provided key insights on future customer behaviour; these insights formed the foundation of a site redesign. The net result was 20% increase in customer satisfaction and an increase in online revenue of 22%. Get the inside story behind the process and team that brought it all together.

Online Marketing Analytics: Campaigns, Promos & Ecommerce - Grand Ballroom Salon A
[OMA-CPE4] Advanced Paid Search Optimization and Analytics

Manoj Jasra, Shaw Communications
Alan K'necht, Alan K'necht, K'nechtology Inc.

Paid Search has been the biggest, fastest growing industry in history due to the astonishing measurability of its efficiency. It simply works. But measuring its effectiveness is another story. Our panel tackles the ins and outs of gauging the downstream value of each click paid for, some of the tools used to manage the bids and a look over the horizon at what we can expect in the paid search analytics world to come.

Online Marketing Analytics: Analytics on the Edge - York A/B
[OMA-AE4] Panel: Mobile Marketing Metrics

Moderated by Patrick Glinski:
Warren Raisch, Digitaria
Dominique-Sebastien Forest, General Manager Mobile and e-Comm, Quebecor Media Interactive
Gaurav Jain, VP and co-founder, Polar Mobile

Mobile marketing is coming on fast and is predicted to be the main way people will access your online information in just a few years. Clearly, measuring your success on the phone is going to be as important as measuring your success elsewhere. Mobile search, location specific content, customer segmentation based on type of phone are all on the table as our panelists ponder the potential of on-the-line online activities.

3:35 - 4:00 pm BREAK / EXHIBIT HALL - Trinity Ballroom

4:00 - 4:45 pm General Session

Panel: From Web Analytics to Online Intelligence

Moderated by Jim Sterne:
Jim Novo, Drilling Down Project
Dennis Varganyi, AT Internet (Xiti)
Jacques Warren, WAO Marketing
Shankar Mishra, Travelocity

Web analytics started out as an afterthought. It quickly became a benchmark for proving that the organizational website was attracting more attention and worth the effort. From there, it blossomed into a tool for optimizing that website, online campaigns and helping each company achieve its goals. Today, web analytics is recognized as a new form of market research, customer research and company process improvement. What happens when large companies grasp the implications of having such powerful information at their fingertips? Join our panelists to learn what happens when web analytics meets with business intelligence, customer intelligence and enterprise level analytics and what does this mean moving forward?

4:45 - 5:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Jim Sterne, Alex Langshur and Andrea Hadley

Pre and Post Summit Workshops & Training:

Socializing, Community & Networking:

  • WAA Regional Meeting and Panel Discussion Mar 30th – 5:00 to 6:30 PM
  • WAA Networking Reception Mar 30th – 6:30 to 7:30 PM
  • Web Analytics Wednesday on Tuesday Reception Mar 31st – 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Monday March 30th, 2009 Exhibit Hall Open 5:00 to 7:30 PM
Tuesday March 31st, 2009 Exhibit Hall Open 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Wednesday April 1st, 2009 Exhibit Hall Open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Exhibitor Tear down April 1st, 2009 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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