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Schedule at a Glance:
eMetrics Summit Sessions, Meetings and Workshops

Toronto Ontario, March 29 - April 1, 2009

Monday March 30 • WAA Regional Meeting and Reception

4:30 - 5:00 REGISTRATION - Foyer & Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
5:00 - 5:15 Welcome and Overview
Jim Sterne, eMetrics and WAA Chairman
Andrea Hadley, eMetrics Conference Director and WAA Director of Education
Alex Langshur, eMetrics co-Chair and WAA Treasurer
5:15 - 5:45 Dr. Pat Pellegrini, VP Research for International Operations, comScore
5:45 - 6:30 Panel Discussion:
Online Audience Measurement: Painting a Complete Picture
Moderated by Jim Sterne:
  • Dr Pat Pellegrini, comScore
  • Paul Gignac, IAB Canada
  • Maura Hanley, Mediacom Canada
  • Vivian Ip,
  • Claude Galipeau, Rogers
6:20 - 6:30 Closing Remarks
6:30 - 7:30 comscoreWAA Networking Reception
EXHIBIT HALL (OPEN 5:00 TO 7:30 PM) Trinity Ballroom - sponsored by comscore

Tuesday March 31 • Summit Sessions

8:30 - 9:15 Keynote — General Session: Jim Sterne, Summit co-Chair and Founder
Cross Channel Measurement & Attribution – Email, for Example
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
9:15 - 9:50 ForeSee ResultsForeSee Results Sponsor Presentation:
Accelerated Darwinism Online and the Evolution of Web Metrics Description
Presented by Larry Freed, ForeSee Results
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
9:50 - 10:40 Keynote — General Session: Eric Pierni, Kijiji, an eBay Company
Listening to the Customer in Chief
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
10:40–11:05 BREAK / EXHIBITS OPEN (OPEN 8:00 AM TO 7:30 PM) Trinity Ballroom
Track Moderator — Mike Sukmanowski
Track Moderator — Alex Langshur
11:05 - 11:55 [CR-1]
Panel: What Marketers Measure vs What Publishers Report: Value Perspectives on Page Views, Engagement & Conversion
Moderated by Mike Sukmanowski, Rogers Digital Media:
  • Mike O’Sullivan, Microsoft Canada
  • Mark Dykeman, CBC
  • Chris Williams, Managing Director, Media Contacts Canada
Jump Starting your Online Analytics Implementation: A Four-part Series:
Part I: Defining Success Measures and KPI
  • Alex Langshur, PublicInsite
Part 2: ACTION is where the Action is: Optimizing your Optimization Culture
  • David Darmanin, Uniblue
11:55 - 12:45 [CR-2]
Using Web Analytics to Drive Better Organizational Performance
  • Tom Smith, TechWeb
Jump Starting your Online Analytics Implementation Four-part Series:
Part 3: Establishing your Web Analytics Maturity
  • Stephane Hamel,
Part 4: Case Study: USHMM Answers the How, What & Why of Analytics
  • Christine Sonnabend, Project Manager IT, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
12:45 - 1:55 NETWORKING LUNCH / EXHIBIT HALL (OPEN 8:00 AM TO 7:30 PM) Trinity Ballroom
1:55 - 2:45 KEYNOTE - General Session: Alain Tremblay, Bell Canada
Integrating Voice of the Customer and Web Analytics to increase ROI
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
2:45 - 2:55 3x3 Sponsor Pitch: Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
2:55 - 3:45 [CR-3]
Effective Dashboards: Sticky Numbers that Speak.
  • Simon Rivard, Quebecor/
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Immunize Me: Incorporating Social Media into a Public Health Campaign
  • Ian Roe, BC Centre for Disease Control
York A/B
3:45 - 4:15 BREAK / EXHIBIT HALL (OPEN 8:00 AM TO 7:30 PM) Trinity Ballroom
4:15 - 5:05 [CR-4]
Panel: Dressing the Social Media Octopus: Measuring Awareness to Action:
Moderated by Douglas Walker, Social Media Group
  • David Jones, Hill & Knowlton
  • Dré Labre, Tribal DDB Toronto
  • David Alston, Radian6
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Understanding Visitor Behaviour when your Visitors aren’t Shoppers:
  • Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research and WAA Director
York A/B
5:05 - 5:55 [CR-5]
Ad Operations and Analytics: Best Practices for Publishers.
  • Rob Beeler,
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Moderated Round Table Discussion Groups - Meet up in Salon A (see table top Discussion Group signs):
10 Topics to Choose from. Limited to 10 attendees per group. Moderated by industry leaders. Sign up required in advance:
  1. Getting Buy-in and creating an Online Analytics Culture
  2. Candid Talk on Selecting your Web Intelligence Tools
  3. Campaign Analytics: Real Talk on Campaign Tracking and bringing it all together
  4. Data Integration - What's really going on?
  5. What about Multivariate Testing? Getting the Porsche out of the Garage
  6. Web Analytics: Real Costs, Time and Resource Requirements
  7. What is Visitor Engagement Measurement?
  8. Career Advancement in Online Marketing Analytics
  9. Measuring Success without Sales
  10. How Trustworthy is your Data or Data Quality from Web Analytics Tools
York A/B

Wednesday April 1 • Summit Sessions

8:30 - 9:20 Keynote - General Session: Shankar Mishra, Travelocity Global
Beyond Metrics & Dashboards: Developing an Enterprise Web Analytics Strategy
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
9:20 - 9:50 OmnitureOmniture Sponsor Presentation: Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Optimizing Social Media, Mobile, Video and Multi-channel Data to Engage Customers wtih Aseem Chandra, SVP Product Marketing
Online Marketing Analytics: Advanced Series
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Track Moderator — Jim Sterne
Sponsored by
ForeSee Results
Online Marketing Analytics: Campaigns, Promos & Ecomm
Grand Ballroom Salon A
Track Moderator — Marco Bailetti
Online Marketing Analytics:
Analytics on the Edge
York A/B
Track Moderator — Patrick Glinski
9:50 - 10:40 [OMA-ADV1]
Capturing Customer Loyalty   Aeroplan: An Advanced Email Metrics Case Study
  • David Klein, VP Marketing Planning & Program Development, Aeroplan
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Optimizing the Purchase Process: Online Purchasing Systems, Booking Engines and Shopping Carts
  • John Quarto-vonTivadar, FutureNow Inc.
Grand Ballroom Salon A
Analytics in the Physical World
  • Ross McKegney, CTO, Fadow
York A/B
10:40–11:05 BREAK / EXHIBITS (OPEN 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM)) Trinity Ballroom
11:05 - 11:55 [OMA-ADV2]
Leading Example of A/B and Multivariate Testing (MVT):
Overstock Case Study
  • Seth Moore, Overstock
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
eMetrics Marketing Lab: Personalized Content Targeting in Email and Beyond
  • Angel Morales, Vice President,
Grand Ballroom Salon A
Twitter, Micro Conversations and their Macro Impact
  • Mitch Joel, Twist Image
York A/B
11:55 - 12:45 [OMA-AE3]
Society for New Communications Research — Early Insights 2009
  • Katie Paine, CEO, KDPaine & Partners
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Panel Presentations
Using Video for Lead Generation, Influence and Conversion
  • Barbara Coll, Webmama
  • Warren Raisch, Digitaria
Grand Ballroom Salon A
12:45 - 1:45 NETWORKING LUNCH / EXHIBIT HALL (OPEN 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM) Trinity Ballroom
1:45 - 2:35 Keynote — General Session: Simon Rodrigue, Sears Canada
Analytics in the Retail World: It is more than just numbers and reports
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
2:35 - 2:45 3X3 Sponsor Presentation: Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
2:45 - 3:35 [OMA-ADV4]
The ROI of Customer Satisfaction – Royal Canadian Mint
  • Robb Collins, Manager eCommerce, Marketing & Communications, Royal Canadian Mint
Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Advanced Paid Search Optimization and Analytics
  • Manoj Jasra, Shaw Communications
  • Alan K’necht, K’nechtology Inc
Grand Ballroom Salon A
Panel: Mobile Marketing Metrics
Moderated by Patrick Glinski:
  • Warren Raisch, Digitaria
  • Dominique-Sebastien Forest, GM Mobile and e-Comm, Quebecor Media Interactive
  • Gaurav Jain, Vice President and co-founder Polar Mobile
York A/B
3:35 - 4:00 BREAK / EXHIBIT HALL (OPEN 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM) Trinity Ballroom
4:00 - 4:45 General Session - Panel:
Panel: From Web Analytics to Online Intelligence
Moderated by Jim Sterne:
  • Jim Novo, Drilling Down Project
  • Dennis Varganyi, AT Internet (Xiti)
  • Jacques Warren, WAO Marketing
  • Shankar Mishra, Travelocity
4:45 - 5:00 Closing Remarks Jim Sterne, Alex Langshur and Andrea Hadley