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Business to Business Track

Washington DC

Thursday, October 22

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Track Description:
So much is written and so many conferences are directed at ecommerce and consumer oriented marketing companies that the business to business world gets left behind. Getting the marketing mix right, measuring email and search marketing and even identifying proper goals for success assessment are different in the B2B world. This track looks at lead management, lead quality scoring and all the issues that plague companies that have a direct sales force or a distribution chain to manage.

Moderator: Barbara Coll, webmama

Thursday, October 22 • 10:05 - 10:55 am • Business to Business 1

Measuring and Managing Analytics Globally: A Look Inside IBM's Global Web Analytics Practices

Plaza A

Kimberly Stegner, Team Lead, Global Web Analytics

Is your mission broader than just eCommerce? Who are your primary stakeholders, and what are they looking for? What do you do if your stakeholders don't know what they need? How do skilled Web Analysts approach such situations and turn data into insights and recommendations? What tools and skill sets are required to be an effective Web Analyst? How is the team organized and where is it positioned within your enterprise?...why does it matter? Kimberly reviews how she leads a global team through the many layers and dynamics in the high performance environment of the largest IT employer in the world.

Thursday, October 22 • 11:15 - 12:10 pm • Business to Business 2

Web Analytics for Non-Marketers: Extending Data's Reach and Impact

Plaza A

Angie Brown, Elsevier Publishing

Angie examines how analytics can be used by non-marketers to drive successful business practices. Product managers, customer account groups, product design, and customer support can all use analytics to gather data from across channels and leverage it to reach better product decisions. This is especially the case for B2B organizations their content-oriented websites are the products themselves. Angie discusses how Elsevier Publishing uses analytics to gather cross-channel data into a single repository, which individuals throughout the organization can slice and dice to gain the insights they need for business-critical, non-marketing initiatives.

Thursday, October 22 • 1:10 - 2:00 pm • Business to Business 3

Creating a Positive Gestalt in a New Media World

Plaza A

Christine Campbell, Booz Allen Hamilton

Jessica Mays, Booz Allen Hamilton

At its core, Gestalt theory says the whole is different from the sum of its parts. When presented with a collection of simple lines and curves our minds can recognize the subject. In an ever-shifting, new media world, it's vital to create the whole picture from the many dataslices: (web analytics, social media analytics, search analytics, lead management, lead scoring and more. In this presentation Christine and Jessica share their ecosystem of data streams and how they use the data to drive smarter interactions with prospects and customers. They describe their organizational, political and technical journey including the process of evaluating social media measurement tools in the non-ecommerce, non-consumer environment of a company that truly loves numbers.

Thursday, October 22 • 2:05 - 2:55 pm • Business to Business 4

Small B2B Team? Measure Big

Plaza A

Erica St. Angel, Sonic Foundry

What would you measure if you built a B2B lead gen program from scratch? Find out what one teeny marketing group took on when their successful, publicly traded tech company rewrote its mission and downsized. Erica describes what they measure and what White Whale of Measurement remains. Learn how the team sold execs on best-of-breed marketing services: SEO/SEM with Enquiro; email marketing, lead nurturing and scoring with Eloqua; plus segmentation, integration and ROI reporting with Erica provides her top 10 ways to avoid the obstacles to automation they encountered and reveals the single most effective marketing tactic they’ve deployed, with the measurement to prove it.

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