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eMetrics Marketing Labs

Washington DC

Tuesday, October 20

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eMetrics Marketing Labs

Track Description:
Practitioners talk about how they are doing their work at their company. Consultants describe best practices. Vendors can only tell you so much in the short time you have at their booths in the exhibit hall. eMetrics Labs were designed to give you that up-close and personal look at how specific tools solve specific client problems. Select from three different business problem scenarios to see how the technology actually works. These are live demonstrations of technologies working together to solve real world challenges, offer real world answers, and take you behind the scenes to see how data and technology combine to achieve stunning results. eMetrics Marketing Labs are your quickest path to monetizing your eMetrics attendance and have been called the ‘hidden gems’ of eMetrics by previous attendees.

Tuesday, October 20 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • eMetrics Lab A

Catch and Release is Only for Fish - Multi-Channel Retargeting
Footsmart / Coremetrics / Dotomi

Plaza B&C

Nobody wants to hear the story about the one that got away. They came to your website, looked around and even selected some items - but then they abandoned the shopping cart. Join Footsmart Marketing VP Kimberly Gnatt as she explains the process and the tools for going after known visitors through email and new visitors across display ad networks. Using combination of technologies from Coremetrics and Dotomi, Footsmart is able to stay in touch with shoppers across touchpoints. Part explanation, part demonstration and all conversation - come and see how it's actually done.

Tuesday, October 20 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • eMetrics Lab B

Optimizing Content through Search - A Case Study in Prioritization

Plaza A

Rochelle Sanchirico, Washington Post Digital

Anita Gandhi, Experian Hitwise

Just because you write it, doesn’t mean they will come, so what brought them there in the first place? Online properties with strong brands are lucky to have visitors that navigate directly to the website, but there are also lots of non-branded search terms that deliver traffic as well. Join Rochelle Sanchirico, Senior Director, Acquisition Marketing from Washington Post Digital as she discusses the process and tools used to mine non-branded terms and ultimately provide insight into the topics that readers seek to drive future content. Heather Dougherty, Research Director at Hitwise will join Rochelle to walk through a case study of the use convert popularity into priorities.

Tuesday, October 20 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • eMetrics Lab C

Online Data Meets Enterprise Data


Companies recognize the value of integrating their online data into their existing enterprise data. They've been collecting customer information for decades and online data for years. Putting the two together holds a great deal of promise but has proven to be challenge for some organizations. This eMetrics Lab was created to show the step-by-step process of bringing together online behavioral data from Webtrends with a Teradata data warehouse and demonstrate the increased value it brings to businesses. This is actual technology at work that enables businesses to exploit new opportunities. See how you can make the most of the data you have utilizing Webtrends’ customer intelligence solutions and Teradata’s Integrated Web Intelligence solution.

Paul A. Barrett, Teradata

Christian Howes, Webtrends

Wednesday, October 21 • 1:00 - 1:50 pm • eMetrics Lab D

Resource Planning for a Social Media Program - Staffing, Infrastructure, and Business Processes

Plaza A

Much of the buzz around social media is focused on tactics for marketing. While there is much discussion about tactics, there is little talk about how to resource plan for a social media program. How many people should you hire and what roles should they have? What business processes do you need to manage the program? What are the KPIs you need to look at and how do you troubleshoot when they are off from goal? What technologies do you need and what does it take to get them in place? What specific metrics should you use to validate social media projects and determine future investment? These are the questions that are the real barriers to deploying a social media program and this eMetrics Lab will show you how to tackle them head on.

Justin Kistner, Webtrends

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