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Web Analytics Fundamentals

Washington DC, October 3-7, 2010

Measuring behavior on your website is a central part of measuring the success of your marketing efforts. Coming on the heels of the Web Analytics Association Base Camp workshops, this track is for those who want to hear the examples and best practices from a variety of practitioners and consultants who have been at it for a while but remember what it was like getting started. Sage advice, mistakes to avoid and tips and tricks for ensuring a solid understanding of what web analytics is like in the trenches on a day to day basis.

Monday, October 4 • 11:00am – 11:50am • Web Analytics Fundamentals 1

Getting Started with Web Analytics

Vicky Brock, Co-Founder, Highland Business Research

Whether you have just been handed the job or are ready for a refresher, Vicky provides a catalog of basic concepts, key insights and lessons learned from more than ten years of hands-on online marketing. As a member of the WAA Board of Directors and a WAA Certified Web Analyst, Vicky presents the essentials and answers your questions about the ins and outs of gleaning insights from customer activity data. Her specialty may be online travel marketing, but Vicky has enormous practical and tactical about online marketing optimization and the unique ability to communicate it well. If you need to get a handle on just what it means to get the most out of web analytics, this is a must-see session.

Monday, October 4 • 4:25pm – 5:15pm • Web Analytics Fundamentals 2

Competing on Analytics: It's a Journey

Michelle Rutan, Web Analytics Program Manager National Instruments

National Instruments has a complex website with many products, purchase channels and content contributors. The evolution of measurement has been a bumpy road. Michelle shares how she spotted the light at the end of the tunnel with metrics that are instantly useful instead of simply being interesting. Using examples and outlining the process of metrics development, Michelle emphasizes lessons learned and key take-aways that have made all the difference in effectively leveraging analytics to drive online marketing success.

Monday, October 4 • 5:30pm – 6:15pm • Web Analytics Fundamentals 3

Making the Most of Marketing Dashboards

Bill Bruno, President, Stratigent, LLC
Joseph Stanhope, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Scott Hagen, Team Lead, Guest Data and Analytics Services Group,

What's on your dashboard? Are the Key Performance Indicators you chose three years ago still telling you what you need to know? Does having all the dials and gauges shine a steady Green take off the edge of optimization and stopped you from drilling down into the details? This team of industry analysts looks at best practices, worst examples, leading indicators and the agony of being lulled into a sense of complacency. Your dashboards can be business changing and action inducing. Come find out how. And bring your questions - this is not a lean-back session.

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